In the Pacific Northwest, we have learned to value our natural resources – the hard way. Because early Oregonians did not have a concept of sustainable forestry, we now strive to protect our forests. Traditionally when it comes to our urban forest, firewood is the only thing made from trees that have to be removed.

We can do better.

walnut recovery

Please contact us if you are having trees removed from your property or if you know of trees coming down in your area. We would love to make sure these trees are recovered and used for more than firewood. We are primarily looking for Hardwoods greater than 24” in diameter with an 8’ or longer trunk section.

Lets be a part of the sustainable solution!

Urban trees are often diamonds in the rough.

Jewell Hardwoods works closely with arborists to insure the tree is cut in a way that will produce beautiful material and keep property safe.

Some of our favorite urban tree recovery projects allow us to save a tree slab for a customer and turn it into a piece of furniture that will last for generations to come.

Recovered Tree Slab 76" Diameter Walnut Tree

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