There is nothing as durable as a solid hardwood slab table, and if it is taken care of properly it will last for a long time!

Solid wood furniture is an investment that is necessary to look after. Quality material and craftsmanship along with your careful attention will ensure your table will be in excellent condition for the next generation of wood lovers.

See our Solid Wood Care and Maintenance Guide on this page. This guide has all the information you need to CLEAN – PREVENT – MAINTAIN your custom Jewell Hardwoods furniture piece.

We have often been asked what we recommend for cleaning and polishing our custom furniture. Since we use a clear acrylic polyurethane topcoat every piece is already very durable.

For cleaning we recommend a mild soap and water applied to the rag first then gently used to clean with as little amount of water possible.

It is important to use only natural polishes that do not contain harsh chemicals or ammonia as these can eat through and destroy color, varnish and more.

All Jewell Hardwoods Clients who purchases one of our Handcrafted Custom Tables will receive a personal gift: A complementary bottle of Parker & Bailey Natural Lemon Oil Polish and 2 microfiber furniture polishing cloths. Just our way to say thank you for taking care of our works of art!

What stories will your family remember around our table?