Recovery Projects

Black Walnut Recovery Project: Just South of Portland, Oregon

Black walnut recovery project

This is one of our most ambitious recovery project yet. This massive black walnut tree died a couple years ago and we wanted to make sure it did not just rot but had the chance to be turned into some amazing custom furniture by the team at Jewell Hardwoods. I can’t wait to get this…

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80″ Incense Cedar Recovery Project: Sublimity, Oregon

incense cedar recovery

The Incense cedar was planted when this old farm house was built back in 1908 in Sublimity OR.  It had finally overgrown the front yard and needed to be removed.  At a weight of about 25,000 LBS the main log was too heavy to transport so we had a 96″ chainsaw bar made just for this…

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52″ Spalted Maple Recovery Project: NW Portland

spalted maple recovery

This Urban spalted maple recovery project was quite a feat! After being struck by lightning this maple tree died and had to be removed.  The backyard was not accessible with our truck and trailer. So in order to preserve this trunk as a beautiful “Reclaimed” tree for large furniture pieces, a crane was brought in to…

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64″ Walnut Tree Recovery Project: Oregon

walnut tree recovery project

When the roots from this massive walnut tree started to damage the foundation of the nearby home it had to be removed. Jewell hardwoods was there to make sure this massive 64″ tree did not get wasted.  The tree had to be carefully removed as it was hanging over houses. Next heavy equipment had to be…

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Walnut Recovery Project: Brooks, Oregon

walnut recovery

The roots from this tree were damaging the house foundation and the branches had completely covered the roof of the house so the owner requested it be removed.  In order to perform the removal safely a 150TN crane was brought in.

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Live Edge Cedar Conference Table

cedar conference table

From a tree in Molalla, to a beautiful live edge cedar conference table for a company in Sherwood.  Jewell Hardwoods recovered the tree, milled the slabs, and built the 16′ long conference table. There is nothing we enjoy more than seeing a project come together from start to finish.

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A Heavy Walnut Log Recovery Project in Salem

walnut log recovery project

Well it was an eventful day at Jewell Hardwoods. Brought in the heaviest walnut log we have ever had. 4.5′ diameter, 22′ long and 27,000 lbs. The challenge was miving it around with our 13,000 lb forklift. Our oldest son Isaac who is 5’8″ tall standing by the log to give perspective- THAT’S A HUGE…

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