Black walnut recovery projectWe are Jewell Hardwoods, an Oregon-based company founded by Tim Layzell specializing in producing high quality kiln dried slabs from urban recovered trees. We demand only the highest standards for all the material we produce which means drying our wood slightly slower than commercial kilns and conditioning it without case hardening. 

While we recover trees to produce quality hardwood slabs and furniture for sale, we can also transform your slab into a custom furniture piece to last generations.

Contact us to find out what we have available, what is coming up and out the kiln, or to imagine and create your furniture.


New products at the show!

Are you ready for Saturday at the Portland Home & Garden Show? We are! Here our host Holly visits with Jewel Hardwoods, a new vendor at the show, with an amazing product story.... watch it here! And we will see you at our 70th annual show today! www.HomeShowPDX.com

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From the Portland Home and Garden show February 25th.

"Are you ready for Saturday at the Portland Home & Garden Show? We are! Here our host Holly visits with Jewel Hardwoods, a new vendor at the show, with an amazing product story.... watch it here! And we will see you at our 70th annual show today!"

What Sets Us Apart?

In the Northwest we are known for our large trees.  Our wet climate and ideal soil conditions are prefect growing conditions, especially for black walnut.  The challenge comes in drying these large slabs so that they are flat with minimal defect.  Many companies take short cuts on the drying process to speed up their turn-over rate leaving their product susceptible to twisting.

For Jewell Hardwoods, these short cuts are out of the question!

Jewell Hardwoods Recovery 6

Here's how we do it...

1) We use urban recovered trees which we have personally selected only after considering the health of the tree, its size and the quality of wood. Trees are generally selected because of declining health of the tree, construction or overcrowding of urban environments.

2) We mill all trees into our quality hardwood slabs right on our property using two different sawmills.

3) To prevent rot and uneven drying, we properly stack each slab based on species and size, and always with proper sticker spacing.

4) We place our slab stacks on flat concrete and under a covered metal roof.  This ensures that the slabs stay straight as they slowly air dry before the kiln process.

5) We air-dry each slab for 18-24 months, which insures a low moisture content before the final drying step begins.

6) We carefully kiln dry our material – the most crucial stage. We have found that kiln drying hot and fast without properly monitoring the moisture content of the wood results in twisted slab. We believe and have proven that quality hardwood slabs take time. Because we require every piece that comes out of our kiln to be held to the same quality control standards we demand for our own projects, we will not hurry our kiln cycle to appease a deadline. Quality takes time.

7) When we take our slabs out of the kiln we surface the face completely and partially surface the back side.  This is done so the customer can see the beauty of the wood. (You may also request that we plane both sides for a nominal shop fee.)

Jewell Hardwoods Lumberyard 3

8) For our finish we are proud to use one of the industries highest quality brands of Clear Acrylic Polyurethane.

• Recognized as a harder, more durable, scratch and abrasion resistant coating
• Recognized as a more water resistant coating
• Resisting degradation from moisture and heat, it is the perfect table-top finish. Catalyzed polyurethanes will neither ring from sweating cups nor blush or degrade from heated items upon the surface.
• Improvements in long-term UV stability and resistance to yellowing
• Odor free curing process due to formaldehyde free catalysts. Formaldehydes have been regulated out of coatings in Europe since the 1970s, as they are a known carcinogen. After solvent flash, polyurethanes have an odor-free cure allowing for immediate installation without fear of customers health and noxious offgassing

You reap the rewards of our high standards!

Our tree-to-finished-table process is what sets Jewell Hardwoods apart in “quality control”. We know exactly where our wood comes from and how it is dried. That is how we can stand behind the quality of every single slab we sell. How many furniture makers can do that for you?


Testimonial from a client: “I am so impressed with how stable your lumber is. It is the most stable I have ever worked with. The moisture content is perfect, it cuts perfectly with no tension or chip out. It is a pleasure to use.” – Jeremy Graham, owner of Black Canyon Woodworks


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We look forward to placing our quality into your hands.

Tim Layzell, Owner

Jewell Hardwoods