Jewell Hardwoods Wholesale Slab Page

Thanks for visiting our wholesale slab page. This is a resource for furniture professionals to source slabs for current and future projects. This page consists of mostly Western Black Walnut and is organized into 3 categories: 1. Dry in the shop 2.Currently in the kiln 3. Currently air drying. All slabs are available for purchase at any time whether they are dry or fresh off the sawmill. Each picture contains dimensions, the month and year it was milled and price either green or kiln dried.

Our Drying Standards
Western Black walnut is extremely difficult to dry properly. Over the last 12 years of processing this material we have adopted the following quality standards. Our slabs are stacked with 1″ stickers every 16″ and stored on a flat concrete floor with a roof overhead. They air dry for a minimum of 18 months before they are placed in one of our 3 kilns where they are dried down to 10% MC.  We have found that the kiln drying process can take anywhere from 2 to 5 months for 3″ thick walnut slabs.


All slabs are available for purchase at any time whether green or dry. Contact me directly for all orders or to get discounts on multiple slab orders, Tim Layzell or 503-833-2063. If we are holding the slabs until they are kiln dried a 50% deposit is required then the balance when shipped. If you choose to have us dry them for you we will not put them into the kiln until they have air dried for 18 months.

Also check out our Retail slab page for a large selection of surfaced, dry slabs.

Dry in the shop

Kiln Dried – Walnut 19′ x 30″-48″

Kiln Dried – Walnut 16′ x 42″-60″

Kiln Dried – Walnut 10′ x 45″-78″

Currently in the kiln

Walnut 11.15.A – 21’6″ x 44″-55″

Walnut 11.15.C – 13’9″ x 38″-60″

Walnut 11.15.E – 14′ x 30″-48″

Black Walnut 4.16.A – 14’6″ x 58″-78″   (there are more slabs from this log I just don’t have pictures of them currently)

Air Drying Inventory

Black Walnut 3.15.A – 20’3″ x 31″-46″ (ready to go in the kiln)

Black Walnut 8.15.C – 12’3″ x 25″-28″ (bookmatch slabs ready to go in the kiln)

Black Walnut 11.15.F – 10’8″ x 28″-34″ (ready to go in the kiln)

Bookmatch Black Walnut Slabs Cut May 2016 (ready to kiln dry)


Black Walnut 7.16.A – 17’10” x 36″-56″ (ready to kiln dry)

Black Walnut 7.16.B – 16’6″ x 40″-56″ (ready to kiln dry)

Black Walnut 11.16.A – 15′ x 40″-50″

Black Walnut 11.16.B – 15′ x 48″-58″

Black Walnut 11.16.C – 15′ x 36″-50″

Black Walnut 2.17.A – 24’2″ x 28″-31″





Bookmatch Black Walnut Slabs Cut May 2017

Black Walnut Slabs 12.17.C – 9’10” x 36″-56″

Black Walnut Slabs 1.18.A – 15′ x 28″-48″

Black Walnut Slabs 1.18.B – 7′ x 32″-42″

Black Walnut Slabs 1.18.C – 9′ x 32″-36″

Oak Slabs 10.13.A – 18′ x 40″-48″  (ready for the kiln)

Oak Slabs 10.13.G – 20’10” x 38″-40″ (ready for the kiln)

Maple Slabs 11.15.D – 17′ x 37″-45″ (ready for the kiln)

Elm Slabs 12.17.A – 12′ x 37″-47″

Myrtle Burl Slabs 12.17.B –  Up to 62″ Diameter

12.17.C – 9′ 8″ x 38″-56″