We Now Make Epoxy River Tables

We are excited to announce the option to have a custom Resin Table made from Jewell Hardwoods Premium Slabs.

Our tabletop finish is commercial grade, water and UV resistant. It finishes in a satin sheen.

This client choose their color in a shimmer blue tint which makes the Maple Burl pop against it.

Jewell Hardwoods Epoxy River Table Blue Shimmer
Jewell Hardwoods Epoxy River Table Blue Shimmer

Blue Epoxy with Shimmer Added against Maple Burl

As we dive into the Resin Blue Rivers, you can see this Walnut Live edge table design is more subtle than the previous one. This style of resin is a tinted transparent color without a sheen or shimmer movement to it. This color is similar to our a popular glass table color but in a solid resin.

Jewell Hardwoods Epoxy River Table Blue Superclear Epoxy

Now you have the option to order your own table with a colored resin instead of glass. As we venture into the resin tables, we always want our products to be as natural looking as possible. We strive to make sure every table that leaves our showroom is held to our high standards of elegance and class. So to be honest, we will not be the company who puts rocks, shells or toy animals into our designs. We desire all our work to be a timeless piece of functional art.

Jewell Hardwoods River Table Epoxy River Green Custom Table
Epoxy River Table Tinted to Match Clients House on Oregon’s Lake Billy Chinook

Contact Us! To receive a quote on your very own Custom River Table.

If you are a woodworker yourself and would like to purchase resin, We are now Local Distributors for SUPERCLEAR Super Epoxy Resin Systems.

Jewell Hardwoods Distributor for Superclear Super Epoxy Resin Systems Liquid Glass Deep Pour and Tabletop Epoxy Local Pickup Oregon City

Anyone who has made an epoxy River table has encountered a situation where you need more epoxy right away but cannot find it anywhere. 😩
Now Come Directly To Us For On Site Purchase of 1, 2, or 3 gallon kits. Shipping not available.

🔹1 Gal Super Clear Tabletop 1:1 Epoxy $59

🔹2 Gal Super Clear Tabletop 1:1 Epoxy $98 (this size will arrive in the next week from our supplier)

🔸3 Gal Deep Pour Liquid Glass (River Table 2-4″ thick pour Epoxy)

Don’t forget our Slab Sale going on right now Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price. Those long narrow slabs are perfect to cut in half and use as river coffee tables. Check out our showroom slabs at https://slabs.jewellhardwoods.com

Our Oregon City Showroom hours are Monday – Friday 8am-4pm. See our contact page for directions
Email us for a SUPERCLEAR brochure.

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