Single Live Edge Black Walnut Conference Tables for local Portland Company

The tree these slabs came from were removed from a neighborhood in the Portland area where it was dying and needed to be removed for the safety of the property and homeowners. We were able to bring it back to our place, mill it and dry for about 2 1/2 years before it was transformed into these gorgeous tables that will now grace the office of a Portland business. The unfinished steel base for both tables was put through a special process called “Pickle & Oil” which takes a hot rolled steel through two additional steps to make it clean beautiful and preserved. We had a custom place built inside the base for the wiring of a custom Data-Port.  Keeping it Local! From the tree to the table – we get to bring Portland’s natural resources back into our lives in a new way. What a privilege it has been working with the Group MACKENZIE at to put this project together.

black walnut conference tables black walnut conference tables black walnut conference tables black walnut conference tables

The same company also ordered a work station table about 6ft X 4ft with an inset data-port to match

black walnut conference tables

Here is the single piece before it was finished right after it was milled in May of 2014

black walnut conference tables

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