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At Jewell Hardwoods we are driven to produce custom, unique projects with consistent quality for demanding clients.  Our diversified team lives outside the box, thriving on unique designs and problem solving to create distinct furniture.  We are not your cabinet contractor or the company to build 500 identical end tables for your hotel. Our pieces are not mass produced yet they are all done with attention to detail and on schedule.  This is where artistry, craftsmanship and structure unite.

Tim Layzell, Owner/Commercial Sales

My name is Tim Layzell, I am the founder of Jewell Hardwoods and head of commercial sales. I have spent the last 15 years building an outstanding team and a personal inventory of thousands of slabs.   This allows us to create a wide variety of unique solid wood furniture.  Please contact me directly for a design consultation and estimate on your next commercial project.

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Listed below are a few of our past commercial projects.

PacTrust World Headquarters

It was truly a privilege to work with the design team at PacTrust on custom pieces for their world headquarters in Portland Oregon.  So far we have produced 8 very unique pieces of furniture for PacTrust.  They range from a perfectly crafted chrome and walnut coffee table to a 14' conference table that had to be craned into a 3rd story window.  Their team meticulously inspected each slab in our showroom before approving it for the project.  We are currently looking forward to several new projects for them in other properties around the country. 

PacT final

"The Launch" for the Irvine Company

At the end of last year one of our clients sent us a rendering of a very unique walnut water fall table of massive proportions.  The table top is 12' long with waterfall legs 42" tall.  To achieve matching grain from the legs to the top we needed a single walnut slab at least 19' long and 4' wide.  Fortunately with our large inventory of quality slabs we had several options for the client to choose from.  Additionally we were able to provide the client with the history of that tree and where it grew in Salem Oregon.  With nothing more than the artist rendering and rough dimensions, we produced the finished table complete with power and data connections integrated into the steel framework and walnut top.  The customer was so pleased that they ordered a second identical table for the next phase of the project.


21 foot Diameter Bar Top at the Ponderosa Lounge

For Jewell Hardwoods consistency of grain and color is just as important as the craftsmanship that brings it all together.  This bar was made by carefully end match joining 8 curly Maple Burl slabs that all came from the same tree. The bar was delivered in 2 pieces and carefully joined onsite. Getting that many seams and live edges lined up perfectly was a challenge but the team rose to the occasion!


One Main Place Lobby in Downtown Portland, OR.

Without a doubt, the most ambitions singular piece of furniture we have ever created was this reception desk for One Main Placelocated on 1st and Main in downtown Portland, OR.  It is one of 7 pieces of furniture we crafted for this location.  The reception desk is a 14' double waterfall desk with solid marble counter, steel clad cabinet storage and integrated technology.  Jewell Hardwoods team took care of everything on this project from the CAD shop drawings to subcontracting the stone and steel work.  By controlling every aspect of the project we can guarantee that all pieces fit together perfectly and are of the highest quality.   This desk is accompanied by a 14' waterfall coffee table, a bar height waterfall tech table, 2 cafe tables and 2 conference tables.  This is one of many projects where our contract started with just 1 piece of furniture then grew to many custom pieces due to excellent customer satisfaction.


PacTrust: Gresham Office -Merge Collection Conference Table

Our Merge Collection Conference Table - installed at PacTrust's Gresham offices. The perfect combination of elegance and function. This 12 ft long by 50" wide Black Walnut conference table has a nearly hidden data port in the middle. With our Merge Collection you're able to enjoy the beauty of a live-edge on the inside while having a straight edge for function on the outside.

Merge Collection Conference Table Epoxy River Table Jewell Hardwoods

Delta Hotel - Everett Washington

This 14' by 4' curly maple conference table was custom made with 3 power and data ports.  The steel legs were carefully crafted so that all cables could run seamlessly through the legs to one location on the floor.


Adelsheim Vineyard

The team at Adelsheim Vineyard was such a joy to work with.  This is the first time I have had a customer literally hug their table as we were setting it up.  This multi-functional 15' long table was made from a single Walnut slab but cut into 6 individual tables.  This way the customer had the flexibility of separating the table for wine tastings or bringing it together as a single conference table for large meetings.


The Porter Hotel - Curio Collection by Hilton - Communal Table

The Porter Portland, Curio Collection by Hilton contacted us for a restaurant Communal Table that would fill their 16 ft space - We used a single Live Edge Black Walnut slab, then split it to make two 8ft tables. This allows them to split apart or bring together for different events.

The icing on the cake was using a slab from a reclaimed tree in the same metro area. This is what sets us apart for our local clients: repurposing material grown in their backyard into lasting pieces that bring people together.

Porter Hotel Hilton Properties Live Edge Restaurant Table Jewell Hardwoods

Table for 20 on Kauai

At nearly 18 feet long this stunning walnut table was made for a premier resort on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. Due to the extreme weight of this sizable table the customer requested the base be on casters for mobility.  We have processed thousands of logs over the years and I have never seen another slab that matches this size and beautiful figure.


Kaiser Grille Palm Springs Restaurant

It was an honor to work with Restaurateur Lee Morcus on his new restaurant in Palm Springs, California the Kaiser Grille Palm Springs.  This 14ft Black Walnut Table made from a single slab over 4 ft wide.  They wanted a table that could be split into 2 or brought together for a communal table for special events. We customized a base for him that would tie in the design elements of the room while adding a striking touch.

Kaiser Grille Palm Springs Restaurant
Jewell Hardwoods Custom Table for Kaiser Grille Palm Springs.

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