Are you looking for an Unfinished Slab?

We have changed the way we manage our inventory to make it more affordable for you and constantly up to date.

Contact our sales team directly by emailing us here with the dimensions and species you are looking for.

Or you can visit us at our showroom Monday – Saturday 8am-4pm.

Why the change in how we sell our slabs?

Wood Slabs For Sale from Jewell Hardwoods - shop for wood slabs online

If you have been to our website between January of 2017 and July 2018 you may have noticed our offer of “Free Shipping” and consequently “higher prices”.  The truth is that free shipping is far from free, especially on large heavy items.  At times this affected the cost by 30% - 50%.

The cost you will see today is the lowest cost for just the slab.  Our goal is to provide the most cost-effective purchasing options whether you are picking up in our showroom or having your order shipped.

We have also made changes to provide you with the most current inventory possible.  Now you can have access to slabs as soon as they are out of the kiln and planed.  Rachelle or Tony will respond with pictures and prices of available dry slabs in your size and species.

All slabs have air dried up to 2 years and then kiln dried to the optimal moisture content. You can learn more about our quality standards on our About Us page.

Jewell Hardwoods Dry Slab Inventory Showroom

Shipping Unfinished Slabs

If you need a shipping quote, email us your shipping address and indicate if it is going to a residence or commercial location. With freight shipping there are a few ways to get your cost down.  Consider the following choices below so that our logistics team can find you the most cost effective shipping solution.

  • Pick up at the local freight terminal. Freight personnel will usually load the crate into your vehicle if requested – (lowest cost option)
  • Have freight delivered to a commercial building that has a forklift to unload the heavy crate. If no forklift is available, consider the weight of the slab and crating material to determine how you are going to get it off the freight truck.  Must include your receiving hours and someone must be present to sign for crate. If no one is there to receive freight additional charges may incur for redelivery.
  • Having your freight delivered to a Residential location usually adds $100 to the shipping cost. Also needing a liftgate can add up to another $100 (liftgates can only unload if the crate is 7’ long or less).  Appointments are required for residential delivery.


Shipments less than 150 lbs and 165” in total girth (length+width+thickness) may qualify for UPS ground shipping. 

These changes allow us to bundle slab orders to provide an even lower price on slabs and shipping. Thank you for your loyalty over the years. We look forward to providing you with excellent service and the highest quality material.


Thank you for shopping with us!