The Story of a Table: Black Walnut Live Edge Book-Match Table with Tavola Base

One of our favorite aspects of our company is to be able to see a project from beginning to end, or “Tree to Table” as we like to say. The picture on the far right shows the slabs after we milled them over 2 years ago. After their air drying cycle ends they are put into the kiln. Our client only saw the picture we took, on the right, which was taken right after it came off the mill. When she was looking for a table, not only did we send pictures of dry slabs in the shop but also pictures of slabs currently in the kiln. She loved these so much,  she put a hold on them to use as her table. Once they were out of the kiln we joined them and sent her the middle picture so we could get an idea of what it would look like after it was finished. The picture on the left shows, Tim Layzell assembling the Tavola Base prior to shipping. Our tables are photographed after assembly then disassembled and packaged in the crate with the hardware necessary to assemble once it arrives. Our client sent us the picture of this gorgeous Black Walnut Live Edge Book-Match Table assembled and surrounded by their trendy blue chairs. We love telling our story, so do our clients!

Black Walnut Live Edge Book-Match Table Black Walnut Live Edge Book-Match Table Black Walnut Live Edge Book-Match Table

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