At Jewell Hardwoods, every piece of furniture starts with finding the perfect slab and once you find that one-of-a-kind piece our craftsmen go to work. 

At the bottom of this page you can search for the perfect slab based on your size requirements and desired species.  (All the slabs in this section are unfinished, but set on a table base for you to see the size & scale of the table-top.)  Since every Table-Top on this page is unfinished, you have the opportunity to customize the exact length and width of your table.

Our 3-Step Process

Creating your Custom Table is an easy 3-Step Process.

    1. Choose a Table-Top Slab

    2. Choose a Table Base

Base Options

Choosing Your Base

We have more than 20 bases available in Metal, Wood and Plexi-Glass in a wide variety of styles. If there is a specific style of base you are looking for contact us for a custom quote.

All metal bases come powder-coated in black unless otherwise indicated. If you want to customize the base color, there are more options are available on the Cardinal Powder-Coat website. From their website you also have the option of ordering color samples to make sure you select the right one.

The finished height of our tables generally range between 29” and 30”.

If you are interested in having your base Chrome dipped it is available in all metal base styles except the Xavier & The Fremont.  Contact the office for a quote on all chrome dipped bases. (There is an additional 3-4 weeks added to the production schedule for this process.)



    3. Choose Fill Material for voids

Fill Options

Fill Options

All tables are quoted with a Natural Color Epoxy fill for any cracks or holes which takes on the color of the darkest part of the grain. You may upgrade to one of our designer fill options in slabs with cracks or voids.

We have worked with: Copper, Bronze, Nickle and Crushed Turquoise Stones. Custom color tinting of our clear Epoxy is also available.

If you are interested in Glass, we will provide you with a Custom Glass-Insert quote. Our Glass is custom-cut in house and can also come in tinted color shades as well.

If you have another medium you would like to use as a fill option, please contact us. We are always excited to try new things to match our clients styles. Voids and cracks can always be left natural if so desired.  Using these fill options are a stunning way to add character and showcase the beauty of nature’s imperfections.

It's really that easy!

For additional questions, click any of the categories below for more information and then Start Building Your Custom Table!

How We Do It

How We Turn Your Slab Into a Table

At Jewell Hardwoods we are all about custom.  We know that one size or style does not fit all.  Our clients have the opportunity to select the perfect slab for their project in our huge unfinished online slab showroom. From their it is used as is or cut to size.

Here on our Ordering a Custom Table page you will see Table-top slabs that are currently for sale in our showroom. These slabs have been dried and planed.  Now they are ready to be taken into the shop and finished as a piece of furniture. If you are looking for a smaller piece for a Coffee Table, Console Table, Bar-top, Kitchen Island ect.- please look through our entire Slab Inventory for more options. Once you find the slab you like, Contact Us for a quote to have it finished.

Once a slab is chosen, our Craftsmen will begin to create your beautiful table by removing the bark and sanding smooth the live edges while keeping the natural shape.  Many of our slabs can also be trimmed to create a square edge table, if that is your preference.

A natural mixed Epoxy is generally applied to cracks and holes to give you a smooth surface. The mixed epoxy takes on the color of the darkest grain of the slab. We also have many fill upgrades that are available to reflect your personal style (crushed turquoise stone, copper, bronze, custom colored tinted clear epoxy, etc. - see below)

The slab top goes through many steps of sanding before we apply our Acrylic Polyurethane topcoat to create a hard and durable finish.  We use a clear natural finish that accentuates the color and grain without making it glossy.


The Possibilities Are Endless

At Jewell Hardwoods we are always bringing new material into our dry inventory. If you do not see what you are looking for in the slabs below or in our Slab Inventory, please contact us.  We have 1,000’s of slabs air-drying and may have just the piece you need coming out of one of our 3 kilns. We label the month and year on all our slabs before they are stacked for 18 months of air drying. This way we know when they are ready for their last drying cycle in the kiln.

Our custom furniture page is focused on dining and conference tables but we do much more than that.  Other types of projects that we do include coffee tables, bar tops, mantels, console tables, countertops and kitchen islands.

If you want to dream outside the box with one of our Furniture Designers, please email us at sales@jewellhardwoods.com. We will contact you and create a piece unlike anything you can order online.

For a complete list of all the slabs we have available please visit our slabs page.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time

Your finished Custom Table with Base will be ready in 8-10 weeks. Shipping transit times vary based on location, typically 3-6 business days. As mentioned above, choosing a chrome-dipped base finish will add 3-4 weeks to the production schedule.

About Shipping

About Shipping

Shipping costs for finished furniture can range greatly depending on the location and size of your finished piece.  Please review our Shipping Terms & Conditions here or for a shipping quote please contact the office.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

walnut recovery

Your one-of-a-kind table that will last generations is only steps away.  Because we source the Urban Recovered Trees ourselves, mill it on our property, properly stack and air-dry it for two years before carefully kiln drying it, we know the material we use for your project is held to the same standards we demand for our own projects.

Taking the time to carefully air and kiln dry the slab, insures it will not twist or warp throughout the years. Premium quality wood slabs requires TIME.

This process from tree-to-finished-table is What Sets Us Apart in “quality control” from your average custom furniture maker. We know exactly where our wood comes from and how it is dried. That is how we can stand behind the quality of every single piece of furniture we custom build.

How many furniture makers can do that for you?

Start Building!




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