Curly Black Walnut Book-Matched Dining Table with Wood Rectangle Base

Curly Black Walnut Book-Matched

It is amazing to see the before and after pictures of our tables. The beauty that is unveiled after the long hours of sanding and the spplication of the 2-part Conversion Varnish Spray Finish is stunning. We never tire of seeing the transformation take place. This curly black walnut book-matched dining table has a wood…

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52″ Spalted Maple Recovery Project: NW Portland

spalted maple recovery

This Urban spalted maple recovery project was quite a feat! After being struck by lightning this maple tree died and had to be removed.  The backyard was not accessible with our truck and trailer. So in order to preserve this trunk as a beautiful “Reclaimed” tree for large furniture pieces, a crane was brought in to…

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Live Edge Black Walnut Kitchen Countertop

Live Edge Black Walnut Kitchen Countertop

This 15ft x 4ft beast of a countertop was quite the challenge to maneuver through the machinery but the finished product took our breath away. Two 15′ Black Walnut Slabs with gorgeous grain and rich color were joined to achieve a 4′ width. Live edge on one side as the other side will be up…

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64″ Walnut Tree Recovery Project: Oregon

walnut tree recovery project

When the roots from this massive walnut tree started to damage the foundation of the nearby home it had to be removed. Jewell hardwoods was there to make sure this massive 64″ tree did not get wasted.  The tree had to be carefully removed as it was hanging over houses. Next heavy equipment had to be…

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Black Walnut Book-Matched Table with Turquoise Inlay

This table with turquoise inlay was very exciting to work on and hard to let go. The slabs came from an urban salvaged tree from the Portland Area. We milled air dried the slabs for 2 years then kiln dried before beginning this project. The pictures do not begin to do this table justice. The…

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Time to Get Out of the Box with Curly Spalted Maple!

curly spalted maple

This project was so much fun to do. We have been experimenting with many different elements in showcasing natures beauty, this custom Curly Spalted Maple Counter-top is one of them. Using the natural curves of the slabs our client selected, we cut them to fit their Kitchen Counter in a way that highlights the flow…

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7ft Live Edge Book-Matched Black Walnut Table with Trestle Base

Walnut Table with Trestle Base

We love this walnut table with trestle base! The Black Walnut from this table was recovered from an Urban Home in Salem, Oregon. It is matched with a beautiful live edge trestle base.

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Atlas Cedar Slab Custom Outdoor Bench

atlas cedar slab

This was a project for a friend and former colleague for a retirement gift.  Made from an Atlas Cedar Slab and reinforced with metal bars in the back.

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Live Edge Black Walnut Table and Matching Waterfall Benches

matching waterfall benches

Now that is some Mother’s Day gift! So honored to present this custom live edge Black Walnut Dining Table and matching waterfall benches for Sam and his mom this week! To top it off were able to kayak the North Santiam with him. Nothing our Jewell Hardwoods team likes more than wood and kayaks. Happy Mother’s…

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Live Edge Maple Benches and Stump Tables

live edge maple

These beautiful benches were ordered from IOS in California for a project of theirs. We love showing off nature’s beauty!

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