Recovered Siberian Elm Tree Becomes Hand-Crafted Desk

This Hand-crafted desk by Jewell Hardwoods came from a Siberian Elm tree recovered from NW 38th ave in Portland.

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A Heavy Walnut Log Recovery Project in Salem

Well it was an eventful day at Jewell Hardwoods. Brought in the heaviest walnut log we have ever had. 4.5′ diameter, 22′ long and 27,000 lbs. The challenge was miving it around with our 13,000 lb forklift. Our oldest son Isaac who is 5’8″ tall standing by the log to give perspective- THAT’S A HUGE…

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Jewell Hardwoods Wholesale Slab Page

Thanks for visiting our wholesale slab page. This is a resource for furniture professionals to source slabs for current and future projects. This page consists of mostly Western Black Walnut and is organized into 3 categories: 1. Dry in the shop 2.Currently in the kiln 3. Currently air drying. All slabs are available for purchase…

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