Introducing the Crater Lake Table Collection by Jewell Hardwoods

It is with great excitement we introduce our Limited Edition Crater Lake Table Collection. The most gorgeous round table we have ever seen! Maple Burl Table with Custom Blue Glass.

Introducing the Crater Lake Table Collection by Jewell Hardwoods. In the 16 years we have been in business we have never had a tree like this Maple Burl. Our Crater Lake Collection Table spans up to 8 feet across and features a 1/2″ thick custom cut lake of glass in the middle. Click Here For Purchasing Details

It all started about 2 years ago when we brought this magnificent maple Burl log into our yard.

The largest single piece of Maple Burl we have ever reclaimed

This log was reclaimed in Washington State and brought to our property to be milled. Our Lucas Mill was used to slice this log into 3″ slabs.

After the log was milled, we carefully stacked it and placed it in our covered air drying area. When it was ready, it was loaded into our custom built kiln made specifically to handle slabs of this width.

Taking the time to properly dry takes patience but the results are a perfectly flat slab that will last for generations.

Once the slab was dry, we knew it would be one of the most spectacular tables we have ever finished. Joshua Daily, our master-craftsman began carefully sanding and smoothing the outside live edge. It was quite a feat to make sure this table was perfect and sturdy with its unique shape.

Joshua Daily expertly crafting our first Crater Lake Table

To bring further stability to this unique shaped live edge Burl Slab we inset bowties underneath the table.

Bowtie placed underneath for added stability

The center opening of the table was traced for a custom cut 1/2″ piece of laminated glass to sit as the lake. Getting the grove just right for this unique shape was no small task. The live edge under the glass highlights the natural look of the tree. No shortcuts were taken as over a hundred hours were spent creating this Stunning Masterpiece!

The solid Burl surface is mesmerizing with every inch of the table revealing something new as you look at the gorgeous grain and figure.

This limited Crater Lake Collection is available in sizes ranging from 5-8 feet wide. Contact us today for more information or to get a quote for your own custom Crater Lake Table.

Introducing the Crater Lake Table Collection by Jewell Hardwoods. See this magnificent table in person at the NW Flower and Garden Festival in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center February 26 – March 1st. It will be in the Garden Displays at the Nature’s Perfect Landscaping Booth. Then come meet us around the corner at our booth #909. See you there!

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Tim Layzell and Joshua Daily, Artists and Master-craftsman
Maple Burl Crater Lake Table Collection Jewell Hardwoods
Crater Lake Table by Jewell Hardwoods
Introducing the Crater Lake Table Collection by Jewell Hardwoods