Every Piece Has a Story: Black Walnut Table from Jewell Hardwoods

From a standing tree to a stunning finished project, every piece has a story. By controlling all aspects of production we can ensure the quality of each table from Jewell Hardwoods so it lasts for generations.

We were contacted in the Summer of 2011 about a tree that was located in the front yard of the homeowner. The tree was dying and we wanted to make sure the beauty of its wood was not wasted on firewood. The tree was carefully taken down to ensure safety of the surrounding property and the tree trunk. We transported the tree from its home in Salem, Oregon to our property in Oregon City where it was milled and set to air dry for about 2 years. After slowly being kiln dried the slab was ready to be transformed into the stunning dining table above.  It now sits in a beautiful dining room in California.

table from jewell hardwoods table from jewell hardwoods table from jewell hardwoods

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