Curly Black Walnut Table with Custom Colored Epoxy Fill

The tree was taken down in a Portland, OR neighborhood in January of 2013. When made the first cut on the mill we gasped at the incredible figure throughout the entire log with little to no sap wood. We have made two other tables from this tree and each one is absolutely stunning. We had the privilege of working this client with through a deaf translating company over the phone before we began our email conversations and eventually meeting him and his partner at our property. It is amazing¬†seeing the creativity they put into the project by requesting a specific color for the epoxy that filled the crack along the slab. Around here, cracks and imperfections are the perfect place to show off creativity by¬†filling them with various materials. After the table was finished we tried to play around with the lighting to showcase the epoxy fill in the small crack. The color doesn’t come through in the picture as in real life, but it gives you an idea.

custom colored epoxy fill custom colored epoxy fill custom colored epoxy fill

Getting it just right! Eric came to us with a picture of a stone he wanted us to try to mimic the color of with our epoxy fill. We worked at quite a few different options to get it just right for him. Our desire is that every customer receives the highest level of attention and customer service. In the picture below our client is standing next to another slab from the same log as his. That slab will be traveling to Kauai to be the table for the new Bali Hai in Princeville this Summer.

custom colored epoxy fill