Award Winning Ponds/Bridges Custom Table Design Now Available!

Award Winning Ponds/Bridges Custom Table Design Now Available

The Jewell Hardwoods “Bridges” and “Ponds” Collections are catching the eye our clients all over the United States. As soon as we get the slabs into the showroom, our customers are drawn to them like magnets. The elegance of combining gorgeous solid wood with hand cut glass is over the top!

It all started when…..Jewell Hardwoods Custom Table Ponds Collection

In January of 2017 we had a customer fall in love with a Maple Burl slab set. However, because of the shape of the burl on the outside of the slab it was a challenging to see how this table would come together.  Tim Layzell flipped the live edge to the inside and talked to the client about inserting it with glass. From there, Daniel drew out a template of the void in the middle of the two slabs. He then went to work hand cutting the glass to fit in the perfectly joined slabs. Our first “Ponds” table was born!

Since we do all of our own drying, we know these slabs are not going tJewell Hardwoods Custom Table Ponds Collectiono warp and twist on our customers. This allows the glass to stay in place perfectly because of our meticulous drying process. Our client was in love.

The Story Behind the New “Bridges” Collection. Jewell Hardwoods Custom Table Bridges Collection

Last year our client, owner of a Forbes Fortune 500 company, came to us wanting new pieces that would grab the attention of everyone who entered his home. Tim Layzell took him around the showroom and presented many slab sets. However, he wanted more. Tim revealed a new slab set we had just processed, Silver Maple. The slabs were shown with the live edge flipped on the inside of the two sets. Tim then revealed how we would do a template of the open areas and fill with a tinted glass. Then to take it up a notch, he added Black Walnut bowties that would hold the two slabs together as “Bridges”.  “This IS IT! Exactly what I have been looking for!” was our client’s reply.  To add another level of uniqueness, our client asked us to include our special “Lake” tinted epoxy for the voids in the slab. A custom masterpiece!

No wood goes to waste! To complete the living room furniture we designed a cute corner piece out of the leftover cut-offs from the table slabs. The beauty of the live edge accentuates this little table perfectly.

The beauty of our design and craftsmanship began the journey of the Award Winning “Bridges” Collection.

Jewell Hardwoods Custom Table Bridges Collection  Jewell Hardwoods Custom Table Bridges Collection Jewell Hardwoods Custom Table Bridges Collection

Dwell On Design LA 2017 – Jewell Hardwoods “Bridges” Table – Star Of The Show Jewell Hardwoods Custom Table Bridges Collection

In June of 2017, Jewell Hardwoods was invited to the Dwell on Design Show in Los Angeles. There we featured tables of all species and sizes. Above all, the star of the show was our Maple “Bridges” Table with hand-cut tinted glass and Black Walnut bowties. Thousands of people came into the booth to look at it up-close and take pictures.

At #DODLA17 we were honored to receive the Prime Edition “Award of Distinction for Furniture and Accessories.” This award was given to us by the leading designers of the United States. It was an incredible opportunity to be with them. Jewell Hardwoods Custom Table Bridges Collection

The “Bridges” table from the show was fought over by a few people who wanted to purchase it. Fortunately, since we source all our material we had another set to build for the other clients. So everyone is happy. The client who purchased the table at the show loved it so much, he wanted it as art for his wall. That is why we always say #woodisart!

Jewell Hardwoods Custom Bridges Collection Art

Bring into your home or office the unmatched quality of our hardwoods combined with stunning design and craftsmanship.

Order your “Ponds or Bridges” table by contacting us to begin the process. We will send you pictures of slabs that will work within the size you are looking for. From there we will talk through ideas for design, bow-ties, glass color, base style preference.

Award Winning Ponds Bridges Custom Table Design Now Available! We have special Bridges slab sets reserved in our showroom JUST FOR You!

Come see these table designs in person at the PORTLAND FALL HOME SHOW,  OCTOBER 12-15TH at the Portland Expo Center. Tables will be available for purchase at the show. 

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