80" Incense Cedar Recovery Project: Sublimity, Oregon

The Incense cedar was planted when this old farm house was built back in 1908 in Sublimity OR.  It had finally overgrown the front yard and needed to be removed.  At a weight of about 25,000 LBS the main log was too heavy to transport so we had a 96″ chainsaw bar made just for this project.  These slabs are currently air drying at our log yard and will be ready to be made into some amazing tables in late 2013.

incense cedar recovery incense cedar recovery incense cedar recovery incense cedar recovery

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  1. Jackie Smith on December 8, 2017 at 11:58 am

    Just bought our first piece for Jewell. Rochelle was very helpful, impressed us that the hands on the owner is , and not to proud to answer the phone, and guide me thru the process. Our piece arrived just as she said, and our Master Craftsman couldn’t wait to open the box…..He was bummed we received it on a Friday, because he wanted to start working on the Desk he in-visioned when we saw it on Jewell’s website.

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