UPCOMING EVENTS: Design Shows in 2018 (See Details At Bottom of Page)

Last year was a time of going way beyond the live edge norm by embracing new ways to incorporate glass, steel and even marble into our projects pushing our comfort zone and skills.  As a result we produced some amazing commercial projects and new lines of furniture took off like wildfire.  Here are a few of the highlights.  2017 A YEAR OF CREATIVE NEW DESIGNS AT JEWELL HARDWOODS

Ponds and Bridges Collection

In the Spring of 2017, we had a customer who wanted something dramatic, beautiful and different.  After several trips to our shop, countless design ideas and almost throwing in the towel – the Bridges concept was born.  At that time, we had recently created the Ponds Table – where the slab is joined at the wider points and the recesses are filled with custom cut glass. However, the Bridges Table idea was something we had never done or seen before.  In the Bridges design you see: Flawlessly crafted top and bottom bowties connect the 2 live edges – while perfectly cut glass fills the voids to look like a flowing river.  Our Bridges Table Collection is the perfect combination of craftsmanship and a tribute to the beauty of nature.

Jewell Hardwoods Bridges Collection

One Main Place Lobby in Downtown Portland, OR.

Without a doubt, the most ambitions singular piece of furniture we have ever created was this reception desk for One Main Placelocated on 1st and Main in downtown Portland, OR.  The reception desk is a 14′ double waterfall desk with solid marble counter, steel clad cabinet storage and integrated technology. This piece shares the lobby with a 14′ waterfall coffee table and bar height waterfall tech table.  Each of the 3 pieces have their own personality yet are each unique.

PacTrust Headquarters

The devil is in the details”  – Even the grandest project depends on the success of the smallest components.

Nothing describes the multiple pieces we have done for the PacTrust headquarters office better than that idiom.  The pieces may not look complicated, but it is the manner in which they are assembled and precision of execution that makes them all work together so well.  The four pieces include a 14′ conference table with steel I-beam base, Chrome and walnut round coffee table,  Waterfall walnut planter, Solid Walnut Door Frame Portal (As seen in conference table picture).  As an extra measure of challenge the table had to be hoisted through a 3 floor window with a crane.  That was the most nerve racking 2 minutes of my life.

Fun with Snowboards

This creative project was definitely outside the box for us, but hey, we like living outside the box.  Providence Saint Vincent Hospital was looking for a greeting desk that was anything but normal and through some collaborative creative efforts we came up with this.  The snowboards were donated by Mt. Hood Meadows.  Our lead Craftsman, Joshua Daily, found a way to cut the boards so that they would fold over without breaking all the way through. That look tied in the waterfall Tulip slab just perfectly.  This project was more fun than work but we were not complaining. We love having the chance to push the limits of creativity and use different materials.

21 foot Diameter Bar Top at the Ponderosa Lounge

This was truly an “all hands on deck” project.  The bar was made by carefully bookmatch joining 8 curly Maple Burl slabs that all came from the same tree. The bar was delivered in 2 pieces and carefully joined onsite. Getting that many seams and live edges lined up just right was a challenge but the team rose to the occasion! You can see this bar for yourself at The Ponderosa Lounge Grand Opening December 14-17, 2017.


An Office with Character

Office furniture is always a challenge from a design perspective.  Our style is very minimalist but a desk and cadenza usually require a balance of form and function.  Dimensions and placement of the drawers were carefully considered to ensure they were large enough to be practical and small enough not to take over the design.  The desk was built entirely from the same tree to highlight the beautiful grain of the silver maple.  The pencil drawer was carved out of a single slab and the drawer faces flow together seamlessly.  Needless to say Brian was thrilled with the outcome.

The Merge

Our goal to push the envelop of mixing different materials with quality live edge hardwoods lead us to the “Merge“.  The live edge of the walnut slab is turned in to the center and a perfectly crafted seamless band of steel brings the 2 halves together.  The design is a minimalist twist on our bridges table and is available for custom order in any size.

Dwell On Design LA 2017

In June of 2017, Jewell Hardwoods was invited to the Dwell on Design Show in Los Angeles. There we featured tables of all species and sizes. Above all, the star of the show was our Maple “Bridges” Table with hand-cut tinted glass and Black Walnut bowties. Thousands of people came into the booth to look at it up-close and take pictures. Our booth also featured our Black Walnut Intrigue Table. The base was designed after Tim Layzell saw a frame of a Mercades Unimog Truck. He came back to the office and drew up plans for a base to blow away the attenders of the show. The Intrigue Table is 11ft long by 4ft wide, single slab of Black Walnut. (Contact us for details if interested in this table)

Dwell on Design Jewell Hardwoods 2017

Dwell on Design LA 2017 Jewell HardwoodsAt #DODLA17 we were honored to receive the Prime Edition “Award of Distinction for Furniture and Accessories.” This award was given to us by the leading designers of the United States. It was an incredible opportunity to be with them.

The “Bridges” table from the show was fought over by a few people who wanted to purchase it. Fortunately, since we source all our material we had another set to build for the other clients. So everyone is happy. The client who purchased the table at the show loved it so much, he wanted it as art for his wall. That is why we always say #woodisart!

If you are in the Los Angeles area, we will be back to Dwell on Design in 2018 – April 5-7th. We would love to meet with you in person! Please come by and introduce yourself and let us know you saw our website. (Check out some of the pictures of the show!)

 2017 Portland Fall Home Show

In October we surprised our local Portland market with new designs like our Bridges and Merge table. Tables were flying out of there. It was amusing watching people almost fight over the unfinished slabs so they could have us customize their own table. Our local TV Reporter from KPTV Joe On The Go was at the Expo Center to interview Tim Layzell. See a clip of his interview here.

On the Go with Joe Portland Fall Home Show Revealing Jewell Hardwoods New Collection

We hope you enjoyed taking a look back at the unique and creative furniture that was produced from the Jewell Hardwoods team this year. Keep an eye out for the following shows that will debut our new designs over the next couple months.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Design Shows in 2018/Spring 2019


Friday, August 17 (Noon-8pm)  Saturday, August 18 (10am-7pm)   Sunday, August 19 (11am-5pm)

Portland Veterans Memorial Coliseum – map

Cost is FREE!

See Website for details


Eugene, Oregon  October 12-14th – Lane County Home Improvement Show

Friday, October 12 (5pm-9pm)  Saturday, October 13 (10am-8pm)  Sunday (10am-5pm)

Lane Events Center – Fairgrounds Convention Center – Map

Cost is FREE!! With Caned Food donations for FOOD for Lane County. Free Parking.

See Website for details

Seattle, Washington  January 18-20th, 2019   – Northwest Remodeling Expo 2019

Friday, Jan 18 (12pm-7pm)   Saturday, Jan 19th (10am-7pm)   Sunday, Jan 20th (11am-5pm)

Washington State Convention Center – Map

Admission: Adults $4 / Children under 18yrs Free. Cash Only

See Website for details


Seattle, Washington – February 20-24, 2019 – Northwest Flower and Garden Festival

Wednesday – Saturday (9am-8pm)  Sunday (9am-6pm)

Washington State Convention Center – Map

Click Here for Tickets & Information

See Website for details